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Industrial services

CNC metal processing

We operate on high-class, 7-axial machining centres manufactured by HAAS. These devices allow us to machine virtually all projects from variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloys. Our experienced staff is equipped with complete CAD/CAM design environment which enables complete coverage of Customer’s needs from project optimization up to ordered part realization stage.

Our CNC department will assist you in:

• Cutting of flat and shaped surfaces;

• Mass machining of workpieces after prior tooling preparation;

• Production of prototype parts;

Our two HAAS machining centres are capable of maximum detail dimensions:

• 356 x 508 x 457 mm

• 508 x 508 x 600 mm

We’re specialized on plastic injection mould’s preparation and for large-scale production of smaller details for automotive market. Along with large machning centres, we’re equipped with secondary, 3-axis automatic lathes, which support us in production of smaller details with following capabilities:

• Turning and milling operations at the same time;

• Possibility of cutting tapered, metric, inch, external, internal and trapezoidal threads;

• Machining of complex parts in one cycle;

• Maximum diameter of the bar to be machined 32 mm or a square with a side of max. 20 mm;

• Maximum workpiece length: 229 mm

• Plastics materials possible: POM, PA6, PEEK etc.

Please contact us for further details

Plastics injection moulding

Our facility is equipped with modern, horizontal welding machine adapted to cold runner mold, which allows variety of thermoplastic materials processing. This is fully automated line which allows:

• Thawing;

• Preheating;

• Temperature mainteanance.

Maximum mould’s physical parameters:

• Width x length x height: 350 x 350 x 300 mm;

• Mass injection: up to 140 g.

We offer design service and in-house preparation of a mould upon Customer’s individual specification and then expertise and consultation through complete production process. Please contact us for further details.

SMT/THT electronics processing

Our modern and fully automated SMT production line allows our Customers for large-scale generation and inspection of ready-to use electronic circuits. We are using most advanced machines made by Panasonic, Ersa, Vi Technology, I-Con in order to fulfill following requirements:

• Placing components from 0.4 mm x 0.2 mm (01005 or 0402 metric) to 14x14 mm;

• Maximum PCB panel area 510 x 460 mm

• Maximum height of components 28 mm

• Maximum size of connectors 120 x 90 mm

• Double-sided mount

• Selective wave soldering

• Placing BGA up to 0.5 mm pitch

Key performance indicies of our line:

• Components placing speed (according to IPC9850) above 16 500 pcs./h;

• Stacking accuracy with laser recognition below ±55µm;

• Arrangement accuracy with optical recognition below ±40µm.

The advantage of our production line is that it meets the ISO 16949 standard - the element passes through the entire line without human intervention. To ensure highest level of reliability and product efficiency, key ingredients are incorporated into production process:

• Highest standard of ESD protection;

• Automatic in-line optical inspection (Vi Technology);

• Conformal coating after PCB assembling.

Our electronics department is equipped with analyzing and measuring setup for digital/mixed signal circuits evaluation. We are able to assist Customer on every stage of circuit design, evaluation and production.

Please contact us for further details

3D Scanning

We own professional Nikon 3D Scanner for contact coordinate measurements with a precision down to single micrometer. This is industrial-grade, stationary system intended to work in controlled environment. Large working cubature combined with precise and repetable results enables whole new possibilities to reliable recreation of 3D models for industrial usage.

Benefits of contact measurement machine:

• Measurement with very high precision of 0,001 mm;

• Working cubature (W x h x l): 700 x 500 x 500 mm

• Definite shortening of measurement time for each element;

• Unification of multiple elements measurement results;

• Elimination of multiple tools measuring result uncertainity per one detail;

• Direct 3D object-CAD/CAM file workflow.

Please contact us for further details